promoters/venues - use these first few photos.



Blue Highway shoot

a few from XXL Wageningen Blues Club ............................

on the slide

Bikes n Blues gig at Amstelveen Holland -April 2008 - where the videos where shot

Bikes n Blues again

De Klokke - 2007 - one of the best ever gigs !

II November 2007 - a ' memorable ' time to be in Belgium indeed

De Klokke - Balegem

Darlington Carmel Rhythm club Sat 19 May 2007 .  I'll Play The Blues For You - on my favourite guitar - my 1973 Gibson 345.

Carmel again .

Les taking a break during the recording of the 'Slide It On Over '  album at Vada Studios , Stratford upon Avon , UK, 2004. The old Antoria still giving good service for slide guitar - bought in 1978 for £60 !

The 1973 Fender Strat. hard at work at the D'Klokke blues club in Balegem,Belgium 2003 , enjoying its 30th birthday !  One of my all time favourite gigs .

The famous Monday night blues club  - at the Bullingdon , Oxford, April 2004.

On stage with Sherman Robertson . August bank holiday 1992. The Bell at Bicester,UK.

Belgium's famous blues club - the one and only   -    Banana Peel club July 2001.

Below - U.P.  Wilson the ' Texas Tornado ' . Pictured here with Les' nearest and dearest Christine Wilson , when UP stayed with Les and Chris whilst touring with the Houserockers in 1991.   " .........you guys play real rough ! " said a delighted UP Wilson after the gig at the Breedon Bar , Birmingham.

Sadly missed - UP Wilson died in Paris, France 2004. 

Les pictured at the Rory Gallagher Bar , Midleton, County Cork , Ireland in October 2003. Picture courtesy of Caesar Glebbeek.